Simple Tools for a Strong Mindset

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Strong mindset is the key to achieving a fulfilling life. Maintaining a positive and charged mindset needs work. Top performers and athletes do this with expensive coaching. Sanebrain Pro provides simple tools for you to get started quickly to get a strong mindset.

Anxiety can throw you off of the rails of life. Getting back on it is hard because of the constant barrage of negative news from all around. If we don't fight back and make an effort to look in to the positive side of things, life can become quite difficult.

It's not all flowers and rainbows all the time, but if you try at it with a positive attitude, the outcomes would be far better than the alternative. Sanebrain Pro has the tools to keep your mind on the sunny side and countdown mindfulness meditation to help you focus and relax.

With Sanebrain Pro, practicing mindfulness has never been easier & more effective. Think of it as your mindfulness coach & awareness training mindful game that requires only a small piece of your day to help you experience the amazing benefits of mindfulness & self-awareness.

Now with positivity streak challenge. For 30 days journal 3 positive things in your life. Backed by research to improve wellness, reduce stress, and be more resilient against the constant negativity we perceive daily on media.


- The mindfulness practice app prompts you to select the count when a bell sound is played and the ripples appear.

- The score shows how well you've performed. Charts show how you are doing over time. Reminders will help you keep practicing every day.

- By doing this countdown with a mindfulness bell often you will improve focus and calmness that would improve your wellbeing.

- Now you can select the session durations from 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.

Mindfulness is about being aware of your thoughts and surroundings. Meditation is an exercise in achieving this awareness.

Why does it Matter

Being mindful means you give yourself the options to react and respond to a situation. With meditation you train your mind to see your thoughts and grab control from the automatic reactionary state that most of us are in, to a more thoughtful and measured responsive state.

Both have well studied benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Top performers are using various tools and expensive coaching to increase their mindfulness so that they can maintain the high-performance mentality.

Our aim is to build simple tools for everyone to benefit from being mindful.

After all who wouldn't want to live in a society full of thoughtful people.

Low Ceremony

You can easily incorporate the habit of meditation into your daily life because our app does not require you to be in a quiet room, sit on the floor cross-legged with your back straight and chin up. You can do it anywhere, even on your commute (well.. not while you're WFH), or while sitting in your garden, or while waiting for the cookies to bake.

Simple to use

No complex and vague instructions to follow. No signup required. Timed meditation sessions, and dark mode for relaxed pre sleep sessions. Just count down from 30,60, or 90, tap in the count when you see and hear the prompt.

Reminders and Charts

Training your mind, takes patience. But life gets in the way and you weir off course. Set reminders to practice few minutes each day and track your progress with charts (coming soon).

What our users say

I have been meditating for years without any technology. This App makes it easier to start...

Leela Ratnakanthi
Sri Lanka

Great app for meditation and improve your mindfulness...

Latheera Welisarage
New Zealand

Excellent app

KA Munasinghe
Sri Lanka